What are the benefits of Massage?

Massage helps replenish nutrients and oxygen to cells and tissues while removing waste and reducing stress. It literally renews our bodies and allows for easier movement and deeper sense of self.

Types of Massage:

Deep Tissue Trigger Point Neuromuscular Swedish Pregnancy Circulatory Sports

1 hour $80
1.5 hrs $110

Series 4 $280 ($70 ea)
Series 8 $520 ($65 ea)

Managing stressManaging stress with massage can allow for greater energy and reduction of stress related disorders such as depression, anxiety, muscular pain, chronic aches, persistent infections, headaches and insomnia.

Massage quiets the nervous system and relaxes the mind, which leads to improved emotional and mental health.

Acute Muscle Injury or Chronic Pain

Massage therapy can realign and stretch muscle fibers and fascia, break up scar tissue, release old trigger points and remove waste and debris.

This allows new blood to circulate, bringing fresh oxygen to cells and tissues improving joint function, flexibility and lymphatic flow.

This process speeds up the healing of damaged tissue while relieving pain and discomfort.