All facials and facial packages are customized to your skin type and the condition of your skin on the particular day of service. The following menu is a guideline of what to expect from your treatment.


Express Facial – $55 | 30 min
This down to business facial will cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate in a matter of minutes.

Express with Microdermabrasion – $75 | 30 min
Cleanse, hyper- exfoliate, stimulate and hydrate. May be used to lighten pigmentation and control acne.

Grape Passion Antioxidant $85| 45min
If its moisture you are lacking, this facial is for you! Deeply hydrate and replenish valuable nutrients with enzymes, lactic acid and lush grape seed extract. Enjoy a relaxing neck and shoulder massage while your skin bathes in a specialized antioxidant mask.

Rockefeller Classic – $95 | 60 min
The ultimate in function and relaxation, this is our signature european facial. Deep pore cleansing with the appropriate exfoliation, steam, extraction and mask are just the beginning of this luxurious hour. Head, neck, shoulder, arm and foot massage let you check your worries at the door. Top it off with a pure Oxygen treatment and your skin and your soul have never been happier. 


Enzyme/ Microdermabrasion/Oxygen  $95 | 40min
The protocol for this facial will vary depending on the level of aging. This treatment is highly customized for any or all of the following: preventative, hyperpigmentation and/or wrinkles. Deep exfoliation brightens skin and calculated stimulation smooths fine lines. A cool oxygen spray soothes skin and infuses rich vitamins and minerals.

Rockefeller Classic with Microdermabrasion – $150 | 60/75 min
Add microdermabrasion to the classic facial. Erase fine lines, diminish age spots and increase your skin’s ability to replenish and produce radiant, viable cells yielding glowing, younger looking skin.

Enzyme Oxygen Express Facial – $75 | 40 min
This nourishing treatment can be customized to address severely dehydrated skin, aging and pigmentation concerns. A carefully selected choice enzyme exfoliates dead skin as pure oxygen is infused with vitamins encouraging cell turnover and radiant skin.

Hibiscus Facial   $95| 60min
Fight signs of aging and brighten skin tone. A second generation AHA, hibiscus flower acids are even more hydrating than Lactic acid. This facial targets fine lines, balances oil and provides valuable antioxidant support for all skin types.


Acne rears it’s ugly head in many different fashions. Microcomedones, blackheads and milia require a completely different approach than a cystic or hormonal breakout. When it comes to acne, the Rockefeller system believes in a less is more strategy. Often acneic skin has been sensitized, over processed and stimulated so it is important to first calm the epidermis and balance the pH. Once accomplished , the appropriate treatment may begin.

Acne/ Hyperpigmentation

Enzyme/ Microdermabrasion – $95 | 60 min
The protocol for this treatment will change depending on the level of acne. The enzyme is employed to digest oil and dead skin cells that hinder extraction while the microdermabrasion flushes out blackheads, smooths skin’s surface and lightens scarring. A kaolin and bentonite clay mask reduces inflammation and draws out impurities. A pure oxygen spray kills bacteria on the skin.

Double Infusion Lightening Treatment  $110 60min
This corrective Facial is designed to refresh and renew to achieve a more glowing skin. Lift stratum, stimulate and increase blood flow, reduce pigmentation, detoxify and brighten. A relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage give you much needed stress relief.


Naturally Soothing Facial   $85  45min
Sometimes, less is simply more. When sensitivity and redness take over in addition to stubborn acne, the skin needs some love. This soothing facial is designed to reduce inflammation, stunt bacteria, aide in surface cell turnover and strengthen