Kimberly Rockefeller

Kimberly Rockefeller is a Skin Health expert, owner of The Rockefeller Center for Anti-Aging and your personal assistant and resource for body wellness. As a society, we get so caught up in everyday living we forget to take care of ourselves. Being a busy professional, Kimberly knows the challenges of balancing family, work and social life all too well.

kim-rockefeller-TNShe has created this Center to offer an inviting environment that allows you to step away and rejuvenate while at the same time gaining knowledge and insight on how to better serve your body and skin, maximizing both time and money.

Individualized treatments and packages will be created to obtain your goals that work for your lifestyle. You are not a number or a quota and often times you become family. Kimberly will get to know you personally and employ her vast network of complimentary professionals to aid in your healing and wellness.

Additional modalities include, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Personal Training, Nutrition and Psychotherapy.

We all juggle a million things but Kimberly has made it her mission to not let this interfere with quality of health or the importance of vanity. She is here to say, we can have it all and it doesn’t take a huge bank roll or a million different products s to get it. Simple lifestyles shifts yield beautiful results. Thoughtful integration of time saving tips and a less is more attitude is the name of the game.

With an insatiable appetite for the holistic approach and healthy alternative, Kimberly is in constant pursuit of new information that will lead her clients to their personal best facilitated within their busy lifestyle.

Years of experience in multiple disciplines including the study of Biology, (William Smith College ‘96) aesthetics (Je Boutique 2002) and massage (School of Healing Arts 2003) have lead Kimberly to become one of San Diego’s leading Anti-Aging experts.